For nature lovers, Serra da Lousã is an unmissable destination. Here you can observe deer and wild boars in their natural habitat, walk through natural landscapes where you will find rivers and waterfalls.

With this setting, the mountain becomes the ideal place for the practice of adventure sports, where nature will always be challenging you to excel.

You can also visit the Aldeias do Xisto, Lousã Castle or the wells of the former Real Neveiro, where the ice that was later sent to the Portuguese Court, in Lisbon, was stored.

Tour Suggestions

Come to the Palace of Lousã and discover the
unlikely places for an unprecedented holiday.

Tours and Trails through the Serra da Lousã
Visit to Aldeias do Xisto
Walking Routes
Animal Life Observation
Castelo da Lousã
Pedra Ferida Waterfall
Candal village and waterfall
Praia Fluvial da Senhora da Piedade
Praia Fluvial da Bogueira
Passadiços e Cascata de Ribeira de Quelhas
Passadiços e Praia Fluvial de Fragas de São Simão
Praia Fluvial e Trilhos da Barragem de Santa Luzia

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