The center region of Portugal has been discovered, in recent years, as an alternative tourist destination to the south coast. It is an area with very particular characteristics and ideal for those looking for holidays close to historic sites, in the middle of nature, with a lot of activity, unique river beaches and extraordinary mountains.

The right place for velo tourism lovers, with so much to discover – whether for leisure or sports. And Lousã mountains, with an altitude of 1205 meters, lush nature, incredible landscapes, and many curves and climbs that seem to have no end, is a challenge for those seeking for strong emotions.


At Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel, a hotel that is part of the Bikotel chain in Portugal, you will find spacious and comfortable rooms perfect for restoring energy – some of them with bike racks inside –, as well as an outdoor pool, restaurant with menus suitable for athletes, and tailor-made experiences.

We also have a series of commodity designed for those who arrive on two wheels (or like to go for a ride during their stay):

• Outdoor bicycle parking,
• Workstation with tools for quick repairs and tire inflation,
• Possibility of contact with specialized technician for more complex repairs,
• Bicycle Wash Station,
• Cyclist clothing daily washing and drying,
• MTB and Cycling routes available (maps, technical data and GPS tracks),
• Bike and GPS equipment rental,
• Specialized guides to accompany or advise on routes,
• Sports massages tailored to the needs of each,
• Picnic menus to take away.

The conditions are in place, now all you need to do is choose the level of intensity of the routes and enjoy all that the region has to offer.


Castelo da Lousã

Dist. from the hotel: 1,6 km

Aldeia do Talasnal

Dist. from the hotel: 12,8 km

Praia Fluvial Senhora da Piedade

Dist. from the hotel: 2,1 km

Aldeia de Gondramaz

Dist. from the hotel: 14,7 km

Parque Biológico Serra da Lousã

Dist. from the hotel: 10,7 km

Barragem de Santa Lúzia

Dist. from the hotel: 60,3 km


There are plenty of places to visit. If you want more suggestions for tours,
we will be happy to help you.


Lousã is known for its rich regional cuisine, with warm dishes that comfort our body and soul. Visit some of the best restaurants nearby and learn about the gastronomic culture of the region:

O Burgo | By car or bicycle
Casa Velha | Walking distance or by bicycle
Villa Lausana | Walking distance
Luís | By car or bicycle
Ti Lena | By car or bicycle


Nature lovers will find, in Serra da Lousã, a unique biodiversity – both in fauna and flora – and extraordinary landscapes.

Visit the Lousã Castle, discover the river beaches in the area or the waterfalls that the mountain offers, ride to the nearest Schist Villages and, on the way, have a picnic in the middle of nature.

CURIOSITY: In 1995 the reintroduction plan for deer in the Serra da Lousã began. It is estimated that more than 3,000 wild animals live in that territory today.

And if you think that the mountain climbs are not for your legs, do not worry. Palácio da Lousã Hotel has electric bicycles for rent – so there is no climb that cannot be surpassed or a distance that is not covered.

In a time when sustainability is crucial to the development of societies, is there a better way to get around during your holidays?


The Lousã mountains, with its 1205 meters of altitude, has some very challenging climbs. It is not by chance that several events are held here, such as the Lousã Granfondo – on the road competition that counts, in its longest route, 135 km.

If your goal is to carry out sports training to keep in shape or prepare for a race, this region is the right place.

See the mountain routes that you can take and that start at Palácio da Lousã. If you need data and coordinates for other routes or technical climbs, talk to us.


  • Ponte das Três Entradas – ColcurinhoDist. 18 km | Accumulated difference 990 m | Average slope 5,5% | Cat. HC | Alt. 1232 mt
  • Lousã – TrevimDist. 26 km | Accumulated difference 992 m | Average slope 3,8% | Cat. HC | Alt. 1186 mt
  • Castanheira de Pêra – Trevim | Dist. 19,2 km | Accumulated difference 710 m | Average slope 3,7% | Cat. 1.ª | Alt. 1186 mt


And to support you in your workouts and to mitigate those muscular pains that you will feel, we have a massage service on request. If you need a therapeutic massage, contact us.


Serra da Lousã has become famous for the various radical alternatives that exist for those who want to descend at great speed and off-road. Whichever sport you prefer – Downhill, Cross Country or Enduro – you will see that this is a paradise for mountain biking lovers.

 The City Council has strongly invested in the creation of trails and paths (currently there ar more than 200 km of trails), which have different levels of intensity and can be consulted online. The conditions are in place, now we just need to choose the route and enjoy all that the region has to offer.

If you want to do one of the trails and do not know which one is best for you, talk to us. We can suggest several routes and provide technical data.

With all this, all you need to do is book your next visit and choose the type of bike you are going to use!